Fundy Treasure Hunt: Uncover the Jewels of the Bay


Embark on the ultimate treasure hunt!  

Join us in the search for Nova Scotia's provincial gemstone, and have one of your finds made into a one of a kind piece of jewelry.

Design your special piece with your guide while enjoying a three course meal. 


Your experience includes:

- A 2 hour guided tour where you will discover beautiful Bay of Fundy gemstones.

- Stories about the history of the geology of Nova Scotia with a focus on the Bay of Fundy.

- A beautiful 3 course meal at a local restaurant. (food options available)

- Designing your own piece of Bay of Fundy jewelry, set in sterling silver, to serve as a memory of your special day

- Fundy Treasure Box shipped to you upon completion with your custom piece and other surprise goodies.

Multiple tour locations are available along the Bay of Fundy including the Parrsboro and Blomidon shore areas.

The Details:

You and a small group of guests will walk along the ocean floor as the tide recedes and take part in collecting Bay of Fundy gemstones. 

You will learn about the geology of the Bay of Fundy at your chosen location and will be shown samples of various types of Nova Scotia gems and learn how to identify them.

Your guide, Brian, has over 25 years of experience with Bay of Fundy geology and you will see his passion come through in stories of his experiences.  After approximately 2 hours the first part of your treasure hunt will wrap up on the shore and you will be given the opportunity to share your finds and ask any additional questions you may have.  

Next we make our way to a local restaurant where you will be served a tasty three course meal specifically designed for this experience.

Before and after your meal, you will have an opportunity to sit with Brian to create your own unique piece of jewelry. You will discuss and design options for your piece which will then be shipped to you upon completion.

Fundy Treasure Hunt Schedule for 2019:

Thursday, July 12th- 11am in Parrsboro

Sunday, July 21st- 10am in Scots Bay

Monday, August 12th- 1:30pm in the Annapolis Valley

Tuesday, August 20th- 9am in Parrsboro- Sold out

Additional dates are also available.

Please email us at to request and/or book a tour.

Rates: $300 + Tax per person

Cancellation Policy: 

Due to the limited availability of the experience, we require a cancellation notice of 10 days prior to the experience. 

Weather Policy: 

The weather in the Bay of Fundy can change quickly. We watch the weather forecast for the upcoming dates of an experience. If there is light rain or drizzle on the experience day the tour will take place as scheduled. 
If the forecast shows severe weather on the way the guests will be notified and the experience will be canceled. If we cancel due to weather, there will be no charge to guests, and an additional date will be considered based on the tides.

Additional Information:

Arrive 5-10 minutes before your tour begins. 
Please bring suitable footwear for a rocky beach. You may also bring a back pack or strapped bag to hold you finds or just keep them in your pocket.
 Please bring your camera and or cell phone to capture some memories of your day. We will be taking pictures as well and will share them with everyone. 

Don't miss out on this unforgettable experience!  Capacity is limited!