Happy Earth Day 2015!

Visit our online shop today and save $5.00 on any GREEN CROW 100% recycled t-shirt or hoodie.   

Fun Facts:  

-Each Original Bottle Tee™ saves the equivalent of 6.5 20oz plastic bottles from the landfill and 18 quarts of water by eliminating textile dyeing. 

-The Earthspun® colors we offer are derived from recycled bottles and other recycled plastics used to create the fiber.  Green is made from 7-UP, Sprite and Mountain Dew bottles, brown is made from plastic beer and root beer bottles (Yes, the plastic beer bottles you get at the ball game or race!), Blue is made from blue water bottles, Grey is made from X-ray films, and black is made from black plastic food trays and pink is made from red ketchup bottles!!  

- No dyes added!  All of the colors offered are derived from the color of the material used to create the fiber.  This eliminates the need for the traditional textile dyeing process, eliminating dyes, saving water and energy.

-The recycled cotton used is post industrial waste and the recycled polyester used is a combination of post consumer and post industrial waste.

Happy Earth Day!!

Laura ThompsonComment