Fundy Buoys & Paddles



Fundy Treasures Gifts and Tours- 107 Highway 242, Joggins, N.S.

The Good Ship Children's Boutique- 139 Montague Street, Lunenburg, N.S.

Maritime Mosaic- 129 Victoria Street East- Amherst, N.S.

Trainyard General Store- 53 Portland Street, Dartmouth, N.S.

Days of Yore- 156 Queen Street, Parrsboro, N.S.

Village Gift Shop+C.G. Fulton Pharmacy- 255  Main Street, Tatamagouche, N.S.

The Point General- 245 The Point Road, Blue Rocks, N.S.

The Seaweed Soap Company- Chester, N.S.

Coast to Coast Gifts and Decor- Dartmouth Crossing, N.S.

Celtic Sisters- Auld's Cove, N.S.




Our brightly painted nautical wooden buoys and paddles are made from pine with genuine lobster rope.  

Our brightly painted cork buoy strings are made from genuine cork buoys found along the Bay of Fundy and genuine lobster rope.

If you are interested in wholesaling our buoys please send us an email at